GTS-M200M Full Automatic Rice Krispies Treats Production Line(For Moulding Shape)200-300kg/h

GTS-M200M Full Automatic Rice Krispies Treats Production Line(For Moulding Shape)200-300kg/h

Model: GTS-M200M

Used for:To Produce Moulding Shape Rice Krispies Treats


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Product Details:

Name Rice Krispies Treats Production line(For Moulding shape)
Brand GTS-M200M
Materials High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
Voltage 380V
Power 25kw
Capacity 200-300 kg/h
Function To Produce Moulding Shape Rice Krispies Treats
Application Snack Food Plant ,Western Restaurant, Tea cafe, Beverage Shop and others
Warranty One year
OEM Also we can do OEM according to customers requirements.


1.Food grade materials
2.High technology servo electromagnetic system
3.High efficiency,lower cost
4.Top quality with Timely service

Technical Parameters:

Equipment  Name Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension (mm) Image Quantity
Air Flow Puffing Machine 0.75 50-60 1200*500*1200      1
Sugar Cooking Pot 18 200L 1200*1000*800     1
Temperature Control Mixer 1.1 150 680*500*800       1
Conveyor 0.37 400 3200*600*1000 1
Automatic Forming Machine 2.2 200 7800*1000*1200   1
Automatic Packing Machine 2.4 250-300 bag/min 3700*670*1450   1


The Rice Krispies Treats Production Line need six machines, they are air flow puffing machine, sugar cooking pot,temperature control mixer, conveyor,forming machine and packing machine.
(1)The stirring, leveling,and cutting three process integrated together,without human connection among them, has realized the real automatic and intelligent operation.Improved the production efficiency, saved the human cost.
(2)Automatic laying material,pressing flat,cooling, cutting and forming.
(3)The forming machine has dual machinery die, can get you satisfied with the forming effect.
(4) PLC intelligent computer controlled, convenient and efficient, easy to operate.
(5)High technology servo electromagnetic system has the characteristics of advanced design,automatic control,stable operation.
(6)Using food-level materials to design , fabricate mould and hopper which is safe and healthy.

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