GT5000S Fruit and Vegetable Grading Machine 5000kg/h


Used for:Sorting fruits and vegetables

Capacity:5000 kg/h

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Technical Parameters

Name Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Machine (with Hoister)
Model GT5000S
Capacity 5000kg/h
Capacity: Power 2.95KW
Voltage 220V
Grading Size 5 grades sizes 4,5,6,7 ,above 7
Machine Size 6500*1000*1700mm
Weight 1000kgs
Function Sorting fruits and vegetables
Application Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant, Food Processing Plant
Warranty One year



1.All materials are High Quality 304 Stainless Steel

2. Hoister Conveyor belt is food grade PVC Belt.

3.Hoister with adjustable-speed motor

4.Grading machine is round roll grading, with variable-frequency and variable-speed motor, Speed adjustable function



GT series fruit and vegetable sorting machine extensively learned the characters of  home and abroad, then design and manufacture. It mainly used for grading onions, potatoes, fruits, gastrodia and other materials.

The machine used high-quality 304 stainless steel, equipment with beautiful appearance, easy to install, easy to operate, environmental health, safety and reliability, high efficiency, is the first choice of sorting.

This equipment is mainly composed of the drum and the frame body .The inner cylinder with a screw feeding device, speed grade(ie drum rotational speed) can be adjusted and controlled by the inverter.

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