GT800D Vegetable Pasteurization Line (for bags) 500-600kg/h

GT800D Vegetable Pasteurization Line (for bags) 500-600kg/h


Used for:Sterilization for the packed vegetable, meet and poultry food products


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Technical Data for Pasteurization line

Model No. GT800D Vegetable Pasteurization line (for bags)
Power 3 kw
Voltage 380V/50Hz
Capacity 500-600kg/h
Used for Sterilization for the packed vegetable, meet and poultry food products
Packing Standard Export Packing
Application Vegetable,Meat and Poultry food processing industry

1.Sterilization Box :

Power 1.5kw 
Mesh Belt Width 800mm
Steam consumption 0.5M3/h
Steam Pressure 1-4kg
Conveying Speed Continuously variable
Sterilization  Temperature 65-95℃ Adjustable
Sterilization Time 10-40min
Dimension 8000X1200X1400mm

2-Cooling Box:

Power 1.5kw
Mesh Belt Width 800mm
Conveying Speed Continuously variable
Dimension 7000X1200X1400mm

3-Drying Line :

Power 7.5kw
Mesh Belt Width 800mm
Conveying Speed Frequency Conversion Speed
Heating method Steam 
Capacity Based on requirement
Dimension 4000*1600*900mm



1.High-quality SUS304 stainless steel

2.High degree of automation, automatic temperature control, Product quality can ensure

3.Fully meet GMP and HACCP certification standard

4.Can customize according to user’s technical requirements.



Our GT Series Pasteurization line is our New Product which absorbed International advanced technology,and meet the domestic production process needs in the food, beverage,pharmaceutical and other industries.We successfully developed this new products combining sterilization,cooling and drying.Our pasteurization line is make with high-quality stainless steel and advanced control  instruments,beautiful appearance, easy operation and convenient maintenance etc.

Comparing with the previous sterilization technology (sterilization pool) it has features as below, low labor strength less human, high degree of automation,Temperature can be controlled automatically within 98 degrees, small water temperature difference, product quality can be controlled etc.Our product can completely reach GMP and HACCP certification standard, health and high efficient, it is ideal equipment for the vegetable,meat and poultry processing industry.

In the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, it is need water sterilization for the packed products. The packed products are putted on the adjustable-speed stainless steel mesh belt,then transferred into sterilization box with the conveyor belt, through the “high temperature water as media to sterilization, then transferred with another conveyor belt into the cooling box to coll uniformly, and finally finish the sterilization requirement.Then get into another procedure – continuous drying line and then to be packed directly.

This Pasteurization line work continuously, and the sterilized packed products can be continuously sent to the next production processes.

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