GT100TP French Fries Potato Chips Production Line 100kg/h



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Technical  Parameters:

Name French Fries Potato Chips Production Line
Brand GT
Model GT100TP
Capacity 100 kg/h
Materials High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
Raw Materials Fresh Potatoes
Final Products French Fries or Potato Chips
Function To Produce French Fries and Potato Chips
Application Western Restaurant, Tea cafe, Beverage Shop, Snack Food Plant, Seasoning plant
Warranty One year
OEM Also we can do OEM according to customers requirements.



1.For Small-Scale Processing.

2.Low Energy Consumption, High Output.

3.Seasoning Evenly Not Easy Broken.

4.Strong R&D technical Team.

5.All the machine can be customized.


Washing and Peeling →Cutting→Washing→Blanching→De-water→Frying→De-oil→Seasoning→Packing


French Fries or Potato Chips are a kind of snack which made from fresh potato after Washing and Peeling, Cutting , Frying and Flavoring. It not only retains the special delicious flavor of roasted potato but also has rich nutrition value. Its delicious and ready-to-eat convenience wins the love of consumers.

This plant is mainly for small-scale processing, the materials are high quality stainless steel, simple, safe, sanitary equipment of choice for small-scale processing enterprises.

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