GT-600 Cake Filling Machine 5-8 trays / minute

GT-600 Cake Filling Machine 5-8 trays / minute

Capacity:5-8 trays / minute

Voltage: 220V
Power: 1.5W

Gas source:8KG

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1.Technical Parameter

Name GT-600 Cake Filling Machine 
Model Number GT-600
Materials Thichness 2.0 Stainless Steel
Voltage 220V
Power  1.5W
Size 1500*1200*1400mm
Weight 500kg
Capacity  ( Attention: all the data are only for reference because of the difference in all kinds of cake batters ) 1.For a whole tray cake (take the tray size 400mm*600mm for example ) Capacity is 500 trays / hour
2.For the cup cake (take tray wit 4 lines for example )  Capacity is 6000 / hour
3.For the round cake (take 8 inches round birthday cake fore example) Capacity is 1200 / hour
4.For Puff cake (take tray wit 6 lines for example) production capacity is 8000 /hour
Gas source 8KG
Application Whole tray cake ;Cup cake; Round cake, Puff cake 
Warranty One year
OEM Also we can do OEM according to customers requirements.

2.Main Feature:
(1)No Bubbles in Cake
(2)Materials Even in Blanking and No tails
(3)Dual-serve Moto
(4)China Famous Electronic component for transducer and Touch Screen,Quality can be Guaranteed.
(5)Shell with Stainless Steel Thickness above 2.0 mm, firm and durable

A.The tray can make a whole tray cake
B.Displacement filling can make side bar cake
C.The filling gears are food grade Silicone round gear,it can reduce the bubbles in cake batter.
D.The PLC can be programmed and control, you can choose one person to operate or continuous operation to adapt the production line.
E.The frame is make from Stainless steel plate design, easy to clean,no corrosion, Safety and health, durability, all meet the food grade Standard.
F.There are residue box and scraper blade under the conveyor belt,it can effectively clean the cake batter left on the conveyor belt.

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