GT100E Electric Power Source 2 Baskets Deep Fryer 100kg/h

GT100E Electric Power Source 2 Baskets Deep Fryer 100kg/h

Power Source:Electric

Model: GT100E

Capacity: 100kg/h

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Technical Parameters:

Name Electric Power Source Basket Deep Fryer
Brand GT
Model GT100E
Capacity 100kg/h
Materials High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
Function Frying  Foods
Application Tea Cafe, Bakery Shop, Western Restaurant, Snack Food Plant, Meat Processing Plant ,other small scale enterprises
Warranty One year
OEM Also we can do OEM according to customers requirements.



1.Oil-water Mixture, greatly reduced the cost of oil

2.Extend the life period of products

3.Save oil 50%,Save electric and coal 40%


1.Semi-automatic fryer single include electricity, natural gas, coal heating energy, automatic feed, manual feed, automatic mixing and so on,it’s easy to operate.

2.Oil-water mixture fryer can extend drain intervals, greatly reduced the cost of oil.

3.The machine used high-quality 304 stainless steel materials, advanced technology, durable, suitable for small fried food processing enterprises.

4.Fried food is not only the color, flavor and taste, but also cleaning with beautiful appearance.

5.It improves the quality and extend the life period of products.

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