GT400G Gas Heating Belt Conveyor Fryer 400kg/h

Power Source:Gas

Model: GT400G

Capacity: 400kg/h

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Technical  Parameters:

Name Gas Heating Continuous Belt Fryer
Brand GT
Model GT400G
Capacity 400kg/h
Materials High Quality 304 Stainless Steel
Function Frying Foods
Application Snack Food Plant,  Meat Processing Plant, Western Restaurant, Bakery Shop
Warranty One year
OEM Also we can do OEM according to customers requirements.



1.Stainless Steel Pipeline

2.Slag Tap in the bottom, Keep the Quality of Frying

3.Strong R&D technical Team.

4.All the machine can be customized.



1.The whole body using SUS304 stainless steel;

2.Adjustable frequency double conveyor to belt food;

3.Automatic lifting system make the health worker clean the machine body easily;

4.Thermostat ensures the consistency of temperature and time for continuous production of deep-fried food;

5.The machine uses oil-water mixture or pure oil scraping residue, the residue in food can be automatically submerged into the water or by the longitudinal and transverse scraping systems scrape off the residue, keeping the oil’s clean .It can be equipped with oil filter to control.

6.The machine adopts temperature control module, it can set multiple classes heating mechanisms, temperature control can be achieved partitions.

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