Customized GT-EL200P Egg Liquid Pasteurization Machine Price 200L

Customized GT-EL200P Egg Liquid Pasteurization Machine Price 200L



Pasteurization Tank Volume: 200L
Application:Dairy Products Factory, Yogurt Processing Plant;Beverage factory,Egg Processing Plant

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1.Product Details:

Product Name  Egg Liquid Pasteurization Machine Price
Brand GT
Model Number GT-EL200P
Pasteurization Tank Volume 200L
Power 27KW
Voltage 380 V/220V
Adjustable Pasteurization Temperature 50-95℃
Cooling Way Compressor Cooling
Adjustable Cooling Temperature 2-35℃
Material Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Application Dairy Products Factory, Yogurt Processing Plant, Beverage factory, Egg Processing Plant
Warranty One year
Customize we can do Customized Service according to customers requirements


1.Inflatable welded pipe ,Clean and hygienic
2.Nice Quality 304 Stainless Steel
3.Professional Egg Liquid Pasteurization Experience
4.ISO Certificate, Pony Test, Patent Certificate


GT-EL200P Egg Liquid Pasteurization Machine mainly designed for whole egg liquid ,egg white, egg yolk pasteurization ,all the pasteurization temperature and time can be adjusted;
Food Grade Stainless Steel
GT-EL200P Egg Liquid Pasteurization Machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, quality can be assurance.
It also can be applied to the sterilization of liquids such as milk, beer, honey, and soybean milk.

We can do customize Service according to customer’s requirements.
Professional Production Experience
We have been engaged in fluid sterilization for 10 years and have professional production experience.


Egg Breaking (or Separating)-Egg Liquid storage–Filter-Pasteurization -Cooling 

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